Crafting quality graphic design and finished art for 20 years

Small is good. More personal. That’s what Sharpshooter is: a small (but perfectly formed) graphic design agency based in Dublin, Ireland.

Much of what you can get from a large, multidisciplinary agency you can also get from a smaller agency at a significantly lower cost. Smaller agencies specialise in specific areas so you can focus in on what you need and cherry-pick the best agency to fit those needs.

What’s on offer

Sharpshooter specialises in graphic design and finished art for web and print. (If you haven’t heard of finished art before, it’s the phase of a graphic design project between a design being chosen and the project being brought to completion. It’s also often referred to as production.) Among the range of projects covered, logos and stationery suites, reports and other documentation, marketing material and online and print advertising are particular specialities.

Graphic design

Whether it’s a logo, brochure, newsletter, report, manual, flyer, infographic, advertisement or website, good design will always enhance the viewer’s experience. It encourages the viewer to engage and to stay engaged. Sharpshooter’s house style is clean and engaging, allowing you to get your message across without any unnecessary distraction.

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Finished art

The finished art phase of the graphic design process takes over when the design for a print or web project has been decided. Now work begins on finalising the project: applying the chosen design across the board, preparing final assets (such as web-ready files or print-ready PDF artwork) and bringing the project quickly and efficiently to completion.

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One-to-one service

Whether you call it a USP, a point of difference or simply a bonus, one of the great benefits of working with a smaller agency is personal service and that’s exactly what you get here. No account executives or middle-men, just one‑to‑one service. Sharpshooter is owned and run by myself, Philip Byrne, a graphic designer with over 30 years’ experience in design and finished art. From the beginning, the focus has been on one‑to‑one service and competitive pricing and that’s the way it will stay.


Over the past 20 years, Sharpshooter has built up a solid reputation and is trusted by businesses, agencies and in‑house creative teams based both here in Ireland and further afield – from the UK to Europe, Asia and the US – to provide a fast, reliable and personal service.

Brand guardian

When you’ve gone to the effort and expense of developing your brand, you have an important and valuable asset that needs to be protected. Consistency and consistently high quality across all your design and finished art projects is key. Extensive experience working with established brands ensures that your brand guidelines are followed to the letter and that standards never slip. Your brand is in safe hands.