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There’s a lot to know about graphic design and finished art. If you work with designers and finished artists or are interested in graphic design or finished art, this blog will help you become more familiar with the processes and jargon.

Speaking of jargon, if you’re not familiar with the term ‘finished art’, this is the phase of the design process that follows a project’s design being approved. The chosen design is then applied across the board, all final assets are prepared and the project is brought to completion. A good finished artist will have an in‑depth knowledge of software, processes, standards and requirements and be very aware of any potential pitfalls. You’ll find more information in the ‘What is finished art?’ infographic and see what a typical finished art workflow looks like.

CSS Design Awards Special Kudos award

CSS Design Awards

Sharpshooter’s 2020 website has received a Special Kudos award from CSS Design Awards. “Special Kudos is a professional ‘pat on the back’ for exemplary work that deserves recognition”, “Nice work!” I’ve enjoyed designing and building the Sharpshooter website over the years and, I have to say, it’s very rewarding to have the work done on […]


Text, graphs, logos and images laid out on document pages

Infographic: What is finished art?

Finished art makes up a big part of the graphic design process. When the design for a project has been decided, the finished artist takes all of the content and styles it to match that design, then prepares the final assets and brings the project to completion. If you’re not quite sure what finished art […]


Feature image: Sharpshooter's 20th anniversary graphic.

The 20th anniversary graphic

Twenty Years Crafting Quality Graphic Design & Finished Art. Sharpshooter is celebrating 20 years in business throughout 2020. This graphic takes pride of place on the new company website to celebrate the milestone. The graphic is designed to be reminiscent of a military badge, with the company’s logo icon (also called a logo mark) at […]