Let’s talk about your next project

Get in contact to discuss your next graphic design or finished art project, to ask for an estimate or to find out more about what Sharpshooter can do for you.

Getting in touch

The quick way

The slow way

You can always get in touch the traditional way if you need to:

Sharpshooter Ltd
20 Harcourt Street
Dublin D02 H364
Republic of Ireland

Getting an estimate

If you’re new to asking for estimates, it can be helpful to break the request down into three parts:

The brief

Describe your project and list what you’ll need on completion. The more detail you can provide, the more accurate the estimate will be – but don’t worry if your project is at an early stage, the estimate can always be updated when you have more information.

The schedule

Set out the project’s expected schedule: when you will be ready to hand it over and when it will need to be completed by. Timing can be an important factor in estimating cost, especially if there’s a tight deadline involved.

The budget

Budget is another important factor. If you have a fixed budget, set it out and the estimate will be prepared with that amount in mind, taking any available cost-saving measures that can be made into account.