Graphic design crafted to attract attention

Marketing is all about communicating your message and, when it comes to marketing on‑screen and in print, there’s a very powerful tool you can use to help get that message across: graphic design.

Good graphic design helps you stand out from the crowd. It attracts attention and encourages your target audience to engage and to stay engaged.

Whether it’s a logo, brochure, newsletter, report, manual, flyer, infographic or advert, Sharpshooter’s clean, attractive and uncluttered design style will help you get noticed and get your message across without unnecessary distraction.

Report design

Reports and other corporate or technical documents need an approach of their own. There is always lot of content involved – text, tables, graphs and charts – and the reader needs to be kept engaged. There is a danger of them being hit with information overload, waylaid by unnecessary distractions or confused by a cluttered and disordered layout.

What’s needed here is a clean, uncluttered and consistent design: easily legible text and tables laid out in an organised grid, attractive graphs and charts and plenty of white space to give the eye a rest.

Sharpshooter’s clean and uncluttered house style is perfectly suited to reports, manuals, user guides and all other corporate or technical publications. Have a look through the sample projects below to see how effective this design style can be, even when there’s a lot of information involved.

Brochure design

Brochures and other promotional material need to be designed so they grab attention. Photography (commissioned or from stock image libraries), graphics (charts and infographics) and other graphic elements play a big part in getting your target audience engaged and keeping them engaged and interested in reading on.

Leaflets, flyers and mailers are designed in much the same way but, with a lot less space to work with and a throwaway culture to counter, need a bolder approach. Imagery, colour, strong typography and a concise message can all help grab the reader’s attention before the urge to use the recycling bin strikes.

Newsletter design

The approach to designing newsletters is similar to that for brochures but, because of the nature of their content (mostly short pieces on differing subjects), newsletters need to be laid out in a clean, organised grid. As more than one article will often appear on a page, clear division between them is needed. This can be achieved with strong typography, white space, colour-coding or graphic elements such as lines. Take a look through some of the projects further down the page to see how these methods can be used to improve the reader’s experience.

Logo design

Your logo is a valuable part of your company’s brand. It’s a visual cue that, if you’re an established brand, reminds your customers of everything your company means to them. If you’re newly established or breaking into new markets, it’s a visual introduction that tells your potential customers something about your company.

An asset this important needs to be carefully considered. It needs to have thought and research behind it and needs to be something that will last.

Click through some past and recent logo projects further down the page to find out more about each.

The projects

This is a sample selection of favourite recent and past graphic design projects. Take a look through and you’ll see how clean and uncluttered Sharpshooter’s house style is and how effective it can be. If you like what you see, get in touch to discuss your next project.

Click any project to find out more about it and see more images. You can use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each project page to browse through the rest of the portfolio or click the ‘close’ button to get back here.