Fast, clean and precise with a keen eye for detail

The finished art phase of the graphic design process takes over when the design for a print or web project has been decided. Now work begins on finalising the project: applying the chosen design across the board, preparing final assets (such as web-ready files or print-ready PDF artwork) and bringing the project quickly and efficiently to completion. This is where the skills of the specialist finished artist come into play. You’ll also often hear this phase referred to as production and the specialist as a production artist.

Design doesn’t technically stop when the finished artist takes over. A top‑notch finished artist needs to have design skills of their own if a designer’s vision is to be brought to its full potential. Design skills combined with a finished artist’s own set of particular skills: in‑depth knowledge of web and print applications and specifications; speed; an ability to anticipate and circumvent potential problems; and, above all, a keen eye for detail are all needed to ensure you get the best quality finished product in the quickest time possible.

One great money-saving tip if you already have a design is place is to go straight to a finished artist rather that a more expensive graphic designer.

Past projects

To give you an idea of the range of work, take a look through this small sample of past finished art projects.

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Bank of Ireland Group Pensions Report
DAA Sustainability Report
Irish Aid Country Strategy Paper
State Street ICAAP Statement
State Street Pillar 3 Disclosure Statement

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Annual reports

GAA Congress Report
Independent News & Media Annual Report
Kerry Group Annual Report
Dalata Annual Report
SEAI Annual Report

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Citizens Information Board Booklets
DAA Learning & Development Programme
DAA Shaping Your Future Programme
SEAI Guide to Energy Performance Contracts
State Street (International) Marketing Brochures

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Aon Hewitt inVision Pension Funds Survey
Edmund Rice Schools Trust Newsletter
DAA HSSE Environmental Report
DAA Operations Bulletin
State Street Regulatory Insights Newsletter

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Reference materials

DAA Employee and Team Handbooks
Foróige Schools Olympic Programme
Insurance Institute of Ireland Study Manuals
NALA Curriculum Guide
World Rugby/Irish Rugby Board Handbooks

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Matheson Print Advertising
State Street France OOH and Press Advertising
State Street Ireland Press and Online Advertising
State Street Jersey OOH and Press Advertising
State Street Luxembourg Press and Online Advertising

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Promotional material

DAA Terminal 2 Promotional Booklets
DAA The Loop Promotional Booklets
Kelkin Promotional Leaflets
Kelkin Healthy Eating Booklet
Daybreak & Day Today Promotional Booklets

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DAA Wi-Fi Campaign Signage
Motivation Weight Management Signage
Ristorante Pizza Marquee Signage
Ristorante Pizza Pop-up Banner
State Street (Ireland) Temporary Signage

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Image retouching

DAA The Loop Promotional Booklets
Independent News & Media Annual Report
Kerry Group Annual Report
State Street Regulatory Insights Newsletter
State Street (International) Marketing Brochures