Graphic illustrating manual design and layout

20% off manual design and layout

Save 20% on manual design and layout during September and October. Manuals, handbooks and other reference materials contain a lot of precise, technical data which needs to be presented in a clean, uncluttered way. Design and layout play important roles in communicating this data effectively and without overwhelming the reader. Get in touch to find out […]


Graphic illustrating photo retouching.

20% off photo retouching

Save 20% on photo retouching for web and print for the month of August. When you’re choosing a photo, say, a headshot for a report or a social media post, you very often find that even the best available option needs improvement. Maybe the background is too dull, too distracting or perhaps it doesn’t match other photos it will sit […]


Graphic illustrating document layout for web and print.

20% off document layout

Save 20% on document layout for web for PDF or print for the month of May. A lot of work goes into putting a report, thesis or other long document together and there is always a lot of information to communicate. A clean layout with consistent structure can help keep the reader engaged, minimise reader fatigue and make sure […]