20% off product leaflet design and layout

Product leaflet

Save 20% on product leaflet design and layout for the months of November and December.

Product leaflets by their very nature contain a lot of information, often in a restricted amount of space, so need to be designed to be read easily. Clean, uncluttered design and clear, legible typography are key to communicating information in documents of this type.

Patient information leaflets are one particular example where a lot of important information needs to be communicated clearly without overwhelming the reader. Another type of product leaflet where clean, uncluttered design is needed is product assembly instructions. Here, along with clear typography, simple, uncomplicated illustration is key to communicating information – there’s nothing more sure to confuse or frustrate the end user than complicated, cluttered assembly instructions and diagrams. We’ve all come across them and ended up scratching our heads or cursing the manufacturer.

Sharpshooter’s design style is clean and uncluttered so is ideally suited to documents of this type. Get in touch to take advantage of this offer for your next product leaflet project.