20% off advert artwork resize

Advert artwork resize

Save 20% on resizing print or online advert artwork for the months of July and August.

Send on your existing print or online advert artwork and the publisher’s specifications and your artwork will be resized to match. Two sets of minor amendments are included in the price and, once you give final approval, print‑ready PDF artwork or web-ready files to the publisher’s specifications will be provided.

If you’re requesting artwork files from an agency or publication, ask for the packaged InDesign file (most artwork is created in Adobe InDesign) and ask for all fonts used to also be included. Artwork files will be checked to make sure everything is in order and that all linked graphics and images and any fonts used are present before the project is started. If there are any issues, we can see what can be done to remedy them.

All artwork will be prepared in the latest versions of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite (the industry standard software) and proofs will be sent to you in PDF format to check. If you need any amendments made, note these as comments in the PDF proof, send it back and a new proof will be sent to you to check.

Get in touch to find out more about the offer or to ask for an estimate for your upcoming project.