10% off document design and layout

Graphic illustrating document layout for web and print.

Save 10% on document design and layout for the months of March and April.

When it comes to producing a report, thesis or other long document there’s invariably a lot of information involved and you need to think carefully about how it’s all presented. How can you engage the reader and keep them engaged? How can you avoid information overload and reader fatigue? How can you make sure important information stands out?

That’s where good graphic design comes into play. Clean, engaging design with consistent layout and structure will help you communicate large amounts of information clearly and comfortably.

Sharpshooter’s graphic design style is perfectly suited to the task. Take a look at some of Sharpshooter’s past projects on the Graphic Design page and you’ll see just how well clean, engaging design with consistent layout and structure works for long documents.

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