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High‑quality production and clean, attractive graphic design for businesses, agencies and in‑house studios in Ireland and internationally.

Far more than just a freelance asset, Sharpshooter is operated on a professional basis where reliability and trust are key and clients are highly‑valued.

Now in operation for over 15 years, Sharpshooter comes highly recommended. Clients consistently cite quality, speed, accuracy, attention to detail and reliability as stand‑out features of the service they receive. You can view some client recommendations in the Profile section, below.

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Clean and attractive design

Design is more than just the art of crafting an idea and bringing it to life on the page and screen, it requires an ability to accurately understand and interpret what a client wants and needs and to provide that in a clean, attractive package. Sharpshooter has these skills, particularly in the areas of corporate literature and corporate identity.

Sharpshooter’s house style is clean and uncluttered, allowing information to be communicated in an easily-accessible, attractive format without unnecessary distraction.

Clean and precise production

Production is a skill. It requires knowledge, speed, a keen eye for detail, the ability to anticipate and eradicate potential problems and, above all, precision. A wealth of experience – beginning in the days of galleys, grid paper and rubylith – ensures that your project is brought smoothly and efficiently to completion in the shortest time possible.

As the old adage says, if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. This principle lies at the core of Sharpshooter’s business model. Pride is taken in the work produced and clients appreciate this fact.

Annual Reports
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State Street Corporation

State Street is an international financial services holding company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Working with their US‑based in‑house design team, Sharpshooter provides production and design services to their European operations, including: State Street Bank Luxembourg; State Street Banque SA (France); State Street (Jersey) Limited; State Street (UK); and State Street International (Ireland).

See the Production and Design portfolios, below, for some of the projects Sharpshooter has completed for State Street.


Clean and attractive design allows information to be presented in an engaging way without compromising legibility or distracting attention. This style is particularly suited to corporate literature.

ECB Stress Test Explanatory Note
State Street ECB Stress Test Explanatory Note
Regulatory Insights Newsletter
Dublin Airport Authority Sustainability Report
Craft Market Report
Crafts Council of Ireland Craft Market Report
Irish Craft Industry Report
Crafts Council of Ireland Irish Craft Industry Report
Regulatory Insights Newsletter
State Street Regulatory Insights Newsletter
inVision Newsletter
Aon Hewitt inVision Newsletter
Nest Identity and Stationery Suite
Nest Logo + Stationery Suite
Rochford Brady Identity and Stationery Suite
Rochford Brady Logo + Stationery Suite
Peter Fitzpatrick & Company Identity and Stationery Suite
Peter Fitzpatrick & Company Logo + Stationery Suite


An artwork-first approach allows for speedy completion once client approval is received.


AMCHAM Case for Investing in Europe
Bank of Ireland Group Pensions Report
Clúid Housing Bursary Report
DAA Sustainability Report
Irish Aid Country Strategy Paper
Older & Bolder Closing Conference Report
State Street ICAAP Statement
State Street Pillar 3 Disclosure Statement

Annual Reports

GAA Congress Report
Independent News & Media Annual Report
Kerry Group Annual Report
NPRF Annual Report
LIA Annual Report
SEAI Annual Report
SEAI LIEN Annual Report
Solaris Mobile Annual Report


DAA Contractors Safety Guidelines
DAA Employee and Team Handbooks
Foróige Schools Olympic Programme
Insurance Institute of Ireland Study Manuals
MABS Mortgage Debt Manual
NALA Curriculum Guide
World Rugby/Irish Rugby Board Handbooks


Citizens Information Board Booklets
DAA Learning & Development Programme
DAA Shaping Your Future Programme
HTMOR Chapel Hill Brochure
HTMOR Park Lodge Brochure
Leo Pharma Employee Handbook
SEAI Guide to Energy Performance Contracts


Aon Hewitt inVision Pension Funds Survey
Crumlin Kids Newsletter
DAA Health & Safety Report template
DAA HSSE Environmental Report template
DAA Operations Bulletin Template
State Street Regulatory Insights Newsletter


Matheson Print Advertising
Meteor Print, Online and In‑store Advertising
Meteor Product Photography Retouching
State Street (France) Press Advertising
State Street (Jersey) Airport Advertising
State Street (Jersey) Press Advertising


DAA T2 Promotional Booklets
DAA The Loop Promotional Booklets
Kelkin Promotional Leaflets
Kelkin Healthy Eating Booklet
Daybreak & Day Today Promotional Booklets


DAA Wi-Fi Campaign Signage
Motivation Weight Management Signage
Ristorante Pizza Marquee Signage
Ristorante Pizza Pop-up Banner
State Street (Ireland) Temporary Signage


Philip Byrne
Production Artist Graphic Designer

I began my career as a finished artist in 1986, in the days when rubylith, acetate and repro cameras were the tools of the trade. Shortly thereafter I moved on to creating digital artwork on that new beast, the Apple Macintosh, using QuarkXPress 1 and Illustrator 88.

Now, 33 years later, outsourcing is my game and I’ve garnered 19 years' valuable business experience and I continue to specialise in corporate literature in particular for both print and digital distribution. Responsive website front end design and development using the Bootstrap framework is a new addition to my skills.

Best of all, I still love my work.


Andrew McQuillan
Senior Design Manager
Paddy Power

I have worked with Philip as both a colleague and a frequent freelance contractor for almost 20 years. For artwork and layout, he is simply the best I’ve encountered – accurate, speedy, and technically top notch. He also has the valuable ability to anticipate and snuff out potential complications before you’ve even noticed them. I highly recommend Philip to anyone seeking a strong design resource.

David Cairnduff
Account Director

I have no hesitation in recommending Philip. I have worked with him on numerous projects and find his work to be without equal. He has superb attention to detail – I know that once I hand over a project to Philip that the work will be done on time and to the highest standards. He is a great freelance asset to our team and I enjoy the peace of mind I get working with him.

Neil Condron

I'm really happy to endorse Philip Byrne, we have successfully worked together on countless projects over the past 20 years, initially as his employer in XMi and more recently as a client. In essence – Philip’s creative skills are exemplary and his production skills are flawless, add to that total reliability and a keen price.

Mary Doherty
Managing Director
Red Dog

Philip has been our freelance support of choice in Red Dog for many years when it comes to the laying out of larger documents. We know we just have to send Philip the approved design, the client’s content and we will get back a fully laid out draft. His attention to detail is the main reason we use him again and again as we know we simply check over it once and off it goes to client – probably with a possible 100% record of us having to make no changes to his work. What more can I say?


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